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Well, hello there! How’ve ya been doing?

It’s been a long time. LOL! A lot has happened since I last updated this blog. I had moved out to a tiny little place calledLevan,Utah, only to find out that I had slumlords who wouldn’t fix anything, at least not properly… It was a bit of hell. And the landlady was too interested in my love life and who I had as friends. I can’t say she was totally wrong, but it still wasn’t any of her business. 🙂

And I’ve found a really great guy, but I’ll tell you more about him a little later. HAHA.

But just this past February I moved back into Nephi! I got one of my old landlords back, and he’s pretty cool, a little judgmental, but at least he’s not all up in my business. It’s a nice little place, and the best part, well, it can be at times, is that I live right across the street from the city park.

The kids are adjusting well, and are happier too. Wendy is getting so big! She can be a real doll, and a real drag. She’s got an attitude the size of Texas now, which is very frustrating at times. Nick also has a bit of an attitude, but he’s more of a little joker. He’s always testing his limits and boundaries. I’ll call to him to change his bum or put clothes on, and he runs in the opposite direction! It’s good for a laugh… Once in a while…

Nick’s vocabulary has expanded quite a bit, but he’s in no hurry to talk clearly yet. LOL. He’s always speaking in what has been called “Babinese” (babe-in-knees). It’s more like mumbling to me, but he knows how to get his message across to me. Wendy never stops talking, and is quite loud. I hope one day that she quiets down, even if she never stops moving and exercising her mouth muscles. Her biggest vice is that she never gets to see her daddy as much as she’d like to.

Ah, we’ve moved onto the topic of the EX. Yay! NOT! Ha-ha… He’s not as big a pain in the bum as he used to be, nor am I as afraid of him as I used to be either, but I sure wouldn’t want to get anywhere near him in private. We finished up the whole court thing a few months ago, and to everyone’s big surprise, he got off scott free. Yup, found not guilty of domestic assault and attempted check forgery. It’s an injustice to the judicial system, and a personal injustice to me. Stupid, stupid judge, I don’t know what her problem is, but she must be as blind as a bat to not see what he did to me. Now he’s got an even bigger attitude and ego, knowing that he can get away with things like this.

He doesn’t take the kids as much anymore, much to Wendy’s dismay, and my delight. It has been really frustrating for me, cause she’ll start whining and crying, and throwing fits about not getting to see her daddy. She thinks he doesn’t love her anymore cause he never sees her. I say, “Daddy loves you Wendy, even if he’s sick or busy with your older brother Jeff.” I’m so sick and tired of lying to her. He doesn’t want to take her, she’s an inconvenience to him. She keeps him from doing the fun things, like going to the dunes, or for bigger quad rides that she’s too little for. He had been taking her almost every weekend last year, but right after Christmas, he got busy again.

He’s only taken Nick a few times since we split, and that’s fine with me. George hates changing diapers, and the few times he did take Nick, Nick would always come back with a horrid diaper rash, and a very full diaper. It’s sad really, the kids are really pretty good, but he has his excuses, and everyone else makes up excuses for him as to why he’s just not cut out to be a daddy. His health for one, his age for another… Bah. Excuses are like bumholes, everyone’s got one, it’s just that some are stinkier than others.

Oh my… Am I complaining? Sorry about that. LOL. Let’s move on.

So, about this really great guy I mentioned earlier? Yeah. He’s all that. AND the bag of chips. 🙂

Grant has turned our world upside down, but in a very good way. He’s got his stuff (gotta keep the language clean, lol) put together. He’s got two jobs that he loves, and he’s a pretty down to Earth kinda guy. We’ve been dating/seeing each other for a month now, and I’m telling you, I’m so head over heels for Grant it’s not funny. My kids like him too. Now, don’t go starting things about me involving him in my kids lives so soon, it’s not as if I have the ability to pull money out of my bum to pay for a babysitter, but in quite a few ways its been a good start to things with Grant.

He’s already been around long enough to witness some of the cute moments, the melt-down moments, the cold-food moments, the interrupted-sleep moments, the late-night moments, the early-waking moments, the stink-bomb moments, the embarrassing-word/story moments, the I’m-not-going-to-eat-that! moments, the very-loud-screaming-matches moments, the mind-numbing cartoon moments, and the food-on-the-floor moments. Actually, he’s handled it all very well. Whew, that’s a long list, but I think I mentioned all the really big ones. If I left anything out, feel free to comment below.

Grant has more patience than me most days, or so I’d like to believe. He’s learning how to do a lot of things that would send most normal, child(ren)-free men running for the hills. He’s even tackled diaper changing, and is, in less than a month, getting to be pretty good at it. I’m impressed. LOL!

Ah, your wondering how we met? Well, just like any normal couple in these modern days, on a dating website. Seriously! J He just messaged me late one Friday night, and I replied. He sent me a couple of pictures of him through text messaging, and though he was cute in his pictures, I was so totally NOT prepared for the man who showed up to the park later that same Friday! It was all I could do to keep my mouth shut and jaw off the dirt at the park. His pictures did NOT do him any justice. Grant is HOT! J Ha-ha! He’ll probably either blush, or laugh if he ever reads this blog, but it’s all good. He’s hot enough that I don’t even think about looking at other guys. He’s got these gorgeous piercing blue eyes that just sparkle when he’s happy, which is like 99% of the time.

I’ve also met his parents, to whom I think I was more scared to introduce him to my parents, and they are just absolutely wonderful. Grant and his parents saved my bum this Easter weekend. I’ve lost all track of time (except the length of how long we’ve known each other), and forgot Easter completely. Bad mommy… Oops. Grants parents bought Wendy and Nick Easter baskets, and hid a few eggs in the backyard for an Easter egg hunt. Not only did the kids love it, but so did Grant and his mother. Grant led Nicky around the backyard and between him and his mother, helped him search for eggs, and had a blast doing it.

Wow, this is a long blog… Gotta catch my breath… Ha-ha! I don’t think I’ve typed this much in a while, at least not on a computer. Grant and I text all the time, as the cell reception in his basement apartment sucks bum, and I mean it sucks the big one! I can barely get a 3G signal down there on my iPad, let alone get any kind of cell phone service!!! .\_/. Grrr…

I can’t seem to get enough of Grant in my life. Nick’s gotten pretty attached to him too. I honestly believe that Nick has seen more of Grant in the last month than he’s ever seen of his own father. My friends have all been telling me of just how much I’ve changed, pretty much overnight since I met Grant. He’s put a smile back on my face, a sparkle in my eyes, and a skip in my heartbeat. I haven’t been this happy in a long time. I am always checking my phone to see if Grant has texted me, and when he does, I’m quick to check it, and so excited that I practically squeal with delight! I feel kinda like a teenager again! My mind does at least. My body protests everyday!

I’m going to try and post a few pictures here, lets see if I can remember how to do it correctly. If your friends with me on Facebook then you’ve already seen them, but I enjoy sharing the pictures whenever I can. LOL!

Grant and I. 🙂

Grant took the kids and I to the Festival of Colors a couple of weeks ago, and we all had a blast. We got a lot more colorful after this picture was taken. 🙂

Grant leading Nicky around to look for Easter eggs.


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