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They are growing up so fast!

It seems like only yesterday that I was rejoycing over a positive pregnancy test way back in March of 2007, and now I’m starting to get ready to celebrate my second child’s first birthday! I wish I could slow time down or even stop it for a little while! Wendy is 3 years old, and so smart, so beautiful! Nick is 10.5 months old and will be turning 1 on March 26th, and hes so smart, and very handsome! I am a very biased mother, and like all others, I think my kids are the best of the best.

Becoming a mother was the best thing to happen to me in my life. I had wanted to be a mother since I was about 16 years old. These two kids have shaped and defined me in ways I can’t even begin to understand, and to them I will forever be grateful. Before I became pregnant with my daughter in 2007, my family and I didn’t get along at all. My parents and I didn’t see eye to eye on anything, and my younger siblings hated my guts. I had put my family through a lot of hard times, and they wanted nothing to do with me. My sister thought that I would give up on being a mom because she thought that I would find it too hard to deal with. I’m glad now that I was able to earn her respect, along with my brothers as well. I do know that becoming a mother to my daughter has helped me grow up mentally and emotionally, and bringing Nick into this world has only helped to reinforce that. There are days when I feel much older than my age of 30. Then there are days where I feel like I’m 23 again, thanks to my kids.

I love it when my kids continually impress people with the things they say, do, or show them. It was just last week, last Wednesday night when I witnessed my son taking his first unnassisted steps! It amazed me at just how perfect these little beings are, and how wonderfully they have enriched my life. They are always making me smile and laugh, and sometimes they even make me cry.

At 10.5 months Nick knows what the words hungry, cracker, kisses, mommy and Wendy are, and will let me know by crying a little after I say the word hungry, come running when he hears the word cracker for a munchie, and will lean into give me kisses when I ask for them, and when asked where mommy or Wendy is, will look in our directions, or reach out for us.

At the same age Wendy knew these things too, plus knew where her nose eyes, mouth and belly button were. I’ve been working with Nick for him to learn these things too, but I know all kids develop differently. Wendy didn’t walk until she was 13 months old, and Nick’s going to have her beat if he just learns how to let go!

I love my kids and wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. They are my very reason for being, and the best things that have ever happened in my life!!

This is Wendy from Birth to 2.5 years old:

This is Nick at birth:

And Nick now:

**The top picture is a picture of me with my two kids, Wendy and Nick (Nick was about 3 weeks old in this picture)


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